How To Make The Most Delicious Ice Cream Cake: The Easiest, Best Recipe

 How To Make The Most Delicious Ice Cream Cake: The Easiest, Best Recipe

You’re probably sick of seeing wedding cake-inspired desserts on Pinterest, but if you ask us, there’s nothing more romantic than an ice cream cake. 

And this is the most foolproof method to make the perfect, homemade ice cream cake. Ice cream cakes are some of the easiest desserts to make and that’s because they just take a little planning ahead. All you need is a few basic ingredients and a few hours to complete this project. They don’t need to be complicated either—we promise! 

vanilla ice cream, vanilla cake with buttercream frosting (or any other flavor you can imagine), and chocolate sauce or melted chocolate for sprinkling on top.

What you’ll need to make an ice cream cake

- Vanilla ice cream 

- Vanilla cake

 - Vanilla frosting 

- Chocolate sauce 

- Melted chocolate

 - Vanilla bean 

- Lighter

-flavored extracts

 - Shredded coconut 

- Ice - Bowls

 - Whisk - Hand mixer

 - Spoon

 - Ice cream scoop

 - Disposable piping bags 

- Scoop - Popsicle sticks 

- Sugar bowl 

- Bowl

 - Ice

 - Measuring cup

 - Measuring spoon

 - Disposable piping bags

 - Popsicle sticks 

How to make an ice cream cake

There are a few steps to make ice cream cake, but they’re simple. 

First, you’ll need to make the cupcake layer. This can be vanilla cake with a buttercream frosting or a vegan vanilla ice cream cupcake. 

Next, you’ll make the ice cream cake layer. This can be vanilla ice cream with a vanilla cake or vegan ice cream with a vanilla cake. Then, you’ll make the frosting layer and cover the entire cake. 

This can be vanilla buttercream frosting with a chocolate sauce drizzle or melted chocolate with a vegan buttercream frosting. Once you have all the layers in place, you’ll place the cake in the freezer so the flavors can set and the ice cream cake can be ready for the next day.

The easy way to frost an ice cream cake

The most traditional way to frost an ice cream cake is by piping a swirl of buttercream frosting on the cake and then covering with a layer of ice cream. This is the most labor-intensive way and it can take a long time, but it does come out beautifully. For this method, you’ll need to make the cake, ice cream, and frosting layers the night before. 

Then, in the morning, you’ll just need to cover the cake with the ice cream and a layer of frosting. To make it easier and faster, you can use a store-bought ice cream cake kit and store-bought ice cream. This will save you a ton of time, but it’s not necessary. Next, you’ll need to freeze the cake so the ice cream layer can set, and then you can serve your delicious wedding cake-inspired dessert.

Ice cream cakes are one of the best types of desserts because they’re so easy to make, and you can customize them with any flavor of ice cream you want. Vanilla ice cream is the most traditional choice for an ice cream cake, but you can also try any other flavor you like. While you can make an ice cream cake with just one flavor, we recommend mixing flavors to create a more balanced dessert. Another thing you should keep in mind is serving your wedding cake-inspired dessert after it has been frozen for a few days. This will help the flavors from the ice cream to set in the cake more thoroughly. These tips and guidelines will help you make the best ice cream cake, so get to baking!

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